Ive felt super gross and sticky like all day, and just eeeeeeehhhhh. qoq I dont like this at all, why is this happening nowwww, I dont understand. ;u;
I have a free class last class tomorrow! :o So thatll be good, Im not really sure where Ill go yet, I might just end up at the library or something since its been rainy and wet out all day today, and Im not sure if its supposed to be like that tomorrow or not! If its wet and rainy again tomorrow Im probably not really gonna want to go anywhere, aha, so the library would probably be the best bet. xD
Hopefully its less muggy and gross out tomorrow though, thatd be nice. quq
Anyway, I wish I could write more here tonight, but its already after ten thirty, and Im tired, so I think Im gonna go to bed for tonight. ;u;
Buuut Ill try to get more written here tomorrow! :D Ill be on again then. :3
Night guys! ^.^